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    Payment Methods for International Buyers:  

    We now  Paypal for INTERNATIONAL BUYERS plus other pay methods below:

    • Western Union
    • Money Gram

    Money Gram and Western Union Payment Instructions and Information:     

    • Please make your payment to the name and address exactly as it appears below. 
    • Once your payment is complete, please email us via the Live Chat, with the MTCN or Reference number including the name and address that you used to send the payment, your order number, and the amount of the payment. 
    • Once we receive your payment, we will process your order. 
    • DO NOT put a passward on the payment.

    Instructions for Sending the Payment:

    Send To Name:  
    First Name: XiaoDi
    Last Name: Yu
    City/State/Zip:  QingDao,ShanDong,266101
    Telephone Number:

    To Find Western Union or Money Gram locations near you visit:


    You have no items to compare.